Draft law - non-compliant with anti-corruption legislation

Well, well, well... The following from our friends at Jurliga: http://jurliga.ligazakon.ua/news/139072

Verkhovna Rada Committee on preventing and combating corruption found non-compliant anti-corruption legislationgovernment bill number 3632 on deshadowing gambling market. Read more about the project: The Ministry of Finance wants to legalize gambling. The Committee notes that the draft does not contain a clear definition of the concept of the lottery and participation in lottery, which can lead to different interpretations and further corruption offenses. For example, the concept of the lottery can cover online games. Also, corruption risks include offering opportunities for the authorized body - to establish requirements for the size of percent gain, to determine the evaluation criteria of having the person gambling, in its sole discretion to refuse to agree on a single type of lottery. The bill is not a clear administrative procedure regarding the order of scheduled and unscheduled inspections in state lotteries, noted the Committee.corruption risks include the provisions which determine the requirements for legal entities - operators of lotteries.For example, providing the operator the right to transfer to another person the right to use his license may be one way to go into the shadows. The Committee noted that the bill does not contain the whole range of detailed state control in the regulation of activities in the organization and conduct of gambling that allows further manipulate it rules in favor of the officials of their personal interests and the subjects of gambling. Given the above, and in order to eliminate the corruption factor Committee invites the bill reject. Source: BP