Finance Ministry wants to finalize the draft law on gambling in Ukraine

 KIEV. 12 February. UNN. The next meeting of the Committee on Taxation and customs policy will take a decision on the revision of the government bill to legalize gambling business in Ukraine.

In particular, the Committee will be meeting discussed the establishment of a working group to finalize the draft law "On de-shadowing gambling market and ensure budget revenues in order to fulfill social obligations", sponsored by the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine.

As previously reported by Deputy Minister of Finance O.Makeyeva, the agency intends to involve the Parliamentary Committee on Taxation and customs policy for finalizing the draft law on the legalization of gambling for its adoption in 2016. Recall Finance Bill to legalize gambling has twice failed the Anti-Corruption Committee. In particular, as noted in the Committee, the bill contains a number of criminogenic factors. A number of comments to the bill also has a Committee on European Integration.

On December 22, 2015 the government replaced the bill previously submitted and registered a revised version. According to the Minister of Finance of Ukraine N.Yaresko, the revised bill aims to provide a social and cultural needs of citizens. However, as stressed in Opinion Scientific Expert Department of the Verkhovna Rada a government bill has no provisions on ensuring State budget revenues in order to fulfill social obligations. "It should be noted that in the text of the draft provisions not directly related" provision of budget revenues in order to fulfill social obligations ", as declared in its name" - the experts stressed in Parliament. However, they noted that the bill contains corrupt rule.

As previously reported UNN, citing its own sources, the American company "IGT Corporation" is not the only one who meets the requirements in the bill to legalize gambling in Ukraine.  In addition, as noted in a letter to the Embassy of Ukraine to the United States, the delegation of IGT Corporation, during its visit to Ukraine, had to meet with "the Deputy Minister of Finance O.Makeyeva and management of a number of Ukrainian financial institutions. First Secretary of the Embassy of Ukraine Volodymyr Shalkivskyy in his letter also suggested that MPs from the Parliamentary Committee on finance and banking to meet with a delegation of "IGT Corporation". However, the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine failed to neither confirm nor refute the information that the American delegation kompnaiyi "IGT Corporation" had a meeting with Deputy Minister of Finance O.Makeyeva. The Embassy of Ukraine in the United States have stated that they know about the intentions of the company's management IGT Corporation and that they have established a "working relationship" with the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine.

Against the legalization of gambling are the representatives of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Greek Catholic Church, the Roman Catholic Church.

Also against the legalization of gambling in Ukraine is former Secretary of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Social Policy A.Pavlovskyy.

MP from the "MFP" Head of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on Healthcare Olga Bogomolets, calling gambling slow death.

MP from the party "Revival" A.Yatsenko compared the legalization of gambling legalization of prostitution and drugs. The leader of "Self" A.Sadovy, noting that legalizing gambling requires extensive discussion in the community as careless handling of the bill could lead to tragedy.

As reported UNN Yulia Tymoshenko said that the faction will not vote for the legalization of gambling in Ukraine. In addition, one of the initiators of the prohibition of gambling business in 2009, MP 5.7 convocations BP H.Smityuh said that those MPs who vote for the legalization of gambling business in Ukraine - vote for themselves not the people.

Radical Party leader O. Lyashko said that gambling - is evil. In addition, he admitted that he had problems with gambling addiction, so now adamantly opposed the legalization of gambling business in Ukraine.


NB As the Ukraine Gaming Association has been lobbying hard for a round table discussion of the draft to try and address it's flaws, we are similarly pressing for inclusion within the discussions.