Opposition grows to Gambling Bill

Natalia Korolevska

After passing through the RADA on a first hearing, opposition is now growing to the Gambling Bill.


Translation in English:

Modified government bill on the legalization of gambling remains corruption - N.Korolevska

Modified government bill on the legalization of gambling remains corruption - N.Korolevska



Modified government bill on the legalization of gambling remains corruption - N.Korolevska


Modified government bill on the legalization of gambling remains corruption - N.Korolevska

People's Deputy believes that contrary to government statements, the budget does not receive income from gambling UNN. MP from the party "opposition bloc" She said that the government finalized a bill on the legalization of gambling has minor changes and still has risks of corruption, reports UNN.

"Different (revised bill - Ed.) Is not essential. Changed that reduced license cost, changed what they decide to do now specialized body to monitor the activities and to put this feature on the Ministry of Finance and the fiscal control service "- said the politician.

In her opinion, these changes are not dramatic by nature. However, she said, changes in the revised draft law may indicate agreement among market participants and authors of the bill.

"What I personally see why these changes occurred. We understand that a tremendous amount of shadow money, illegal money, will always be in the gambling business. And today there are those lobbyists who spend a certain amount, but this amount is estimated by experts at about 100 million euros, in order to return to Ukraine gambling. Therefore, analyzing the new version of the bill, we saw that the conditions for obtaining a license eased, that means that someone has someone agreed and has made concessions on what at least will cost license that will not spetsorhaniv and MOF never was able and we have seen his inability to control these processes, "- said N.Korolevska.

She also drew attention to the fact that the cost of the license will be determined not by the norms of the bill, and the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine at the competition.

"And that basically is' license, it will be determined at the competition, and will determine the initial value of the Finance Ministry. This is generally nonsense, because we understand that the official be so prone to corruption risks in any civilized country in the world is unacceptable, "- said the MP.

She also recalled that in 2009 MPs offered 100 million euros for the fact that they are not banned gambling business in Ukraine.

"I remember when the casino closed in 2009. Then the parliament, deputies proposed 100 million euros, so they did not vote for it. But then there is the political responsibility prevailed over the desire for gain. Today greed, it is, by and large, the government wins the emotions when they offer such inadequate solutions "- said N.Korolevska.

It also warned that contrary to government statements, the budget does not receive income from gambling.

"That is, it is by and large, we understand how drug addiction, and gambling so. And our government in this relationship gets himself and now wants to pull her across the country. Because revenue in the budget will not allow it, the cost of people and continued social upheaval will only be a new and worse forms, "- said the politician.

It also ruled that the legalization of gambling can follow legalization of prostitution, drugs and weapons.

"We even hear that they now debate about the legalization of drugs, prostitution, weapons. And if today will be admitted legalization of gambling, the next step they can talk to us about the need for additional revenue to the budget, legitimate source and those species which are now banned, "- said N.Korolevska.

She believes that any revenues planned in the budget can not be compared with the risk to the public, which carries the legalization of gambling business in Ukraine.

"I believe that no budget revenues today can not be compared to the danger posed by today legalization of gambling and those earnings they offer - they are very questionable and this is corrupt activity. This is hundreds of millions who now are put illegally into the pockets of officials, and it is their desire now largely "prokryshuvaty" one illegal business, which is the country's only because of its legalization in their pockets, "- said the politician.

She also assured that he would not vote for a government bill and yet will do everything possible to ensure that Parliament refused to accept "inappropriate decisions" to legalize gambling. In addition, she reported that one of the lobbyists legalization of gambling business in Ukraine is Russia.

"Because I personally will vote against! I will do everything in my power to convince the parliament and prevent the appearance of such inadequate solutions. This left the government just a few months and they want to profit from all that is possible. Here they give bribe for legalization, but what's different this can not be it, we all know this is crazy money, it's crazy investors and we know that Russia first of all would like to enter the Ukrainian market, because in today there are play areas that are not effective, they have huge capital was invested in gambling and of course this capital today would gladly tore Ukraine within developing these casinos! So, for me it's just a shock - when we cry about the external threats that exist in Ukraine and at the same time we allow foreign capital to come here of unknown origin in a very corrupt, dark and dangerous social-market "- summarized N.Korolevska .

Recall bill banning gambling business in Ukraine in 2009 was supported by 390 MPs, overcome the President's veto. The rationale for such a ban have disastrous effects on the activity of gambling business in Ukraine, including significant complication of the criminal situation in the country.

However, the Cabinet of Ministers of December 11, 2015 registered in the Verkhovna Rada a draft law prepared by the Ministry of Finance on the legalization of gambling. However, already 22 December 2015 the government replaced the bill by registering amended version. According to the Minister of Finance of Ukraine N.Yaresko, the bill aims to provide social and cultural needs of citizens.

However, as stressed in Opinion Scientific Expert Department of the Verkhovna Rada a government bill has provisions on ensuring State budget revenues in order to fulfill social obligations.

"It should be noted that in the text of the draft no provisions directly related" to the provision of budget revenues in order to fulfill social obligations ", as declared in its name" - experts stressed in Parliament. However, they said that  the bill contains corruption standards.

Committee on Preventing and Combating Corruption also acknowledged the government's draft law on de-shadowing gambling market such that does not comply with anti-corruption legislation.

As reported UNN, citing its own sources, the American company "IGT Corporation" is not the only one who meets Minfinivskoho bill to legalize gambling in Ukraine, plans to monopolize the sphere of gambling business in Ukraine. In addition, as noted in a letter to the US Embassy in Ukraine, the delegation of "IGT Corporation", during his visit to Ukraine, had to meet with "the Deputy Minister of Finance of Ukraine O.Makeyevoyu and management of a number of Ukrainian financial institutions." First Secretary of the Embassy of Ukraine Volodymyr Shalkivskyy in his letter also suggested that MPs of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on finance and banking to meet with a delegation of "IGT Corporation".

However, the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine could not neither confirm nor refute the information that the  delegation of American kompnaiyi "IGT Corporation" had a meeting with Deputy Finance Minister Elena Makyevoyu.

Recall the Embassy of Ukraine in the United States have stated that they  are aware of the intentions of the company's management "IGT Corporation" establish a "working relationship" with the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine.

Also recall MP R.Semenuha zanachyv that information about the meeting of the American company "IGT Corporation" with the Ukrainian authorities exist at backstage conversations. In addition, he said that the faction "Self" intends to appeal to governments to name the companies with which written law on the legalization of gambling because it is lobbying.

MP from the "homeland" O.Kuzhel called National Anti-Corruption Bureau to draw attention to himself bill to legalize gambling and its authors.

As reported UNN, against the legalization of gambling are the representatives of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, the Greek Catholic Church, the Roman Catholic Church.

Also against the legalization of gambling in Ukraine made ​​the former people's deputy, former Secretary of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Social Policy A.Pavlovskyy.

MP from the party "opposition bloc" N.Korolevska which stressed the catastrophic consequences of gambling business in Ukraine.

MP from "O. Lyashko Radical Party" A.Lozovyy said that the  legalization of gambling would bring to no good.

Deputies from the party "Revival" A.Yatsenko compared the legalization of gambling legalization of prostitution and drugs.

The leader of "Self" A.Sadovy, noting that  legalizing gambling requires a broad discussion in society as careless handling of the bill could lead to tragedy.

As reported  UNN, the leader of "Batkivshchyna" Yulia Tymoshenko said that the faction will not vote for the legalization of gambling in Ukraine.

In addition, one of the initiators of the prohibition of gambling business in 2009, MP 5-7-th convocations BP H.Smityuh said that those MPs who vote for the legalization of gambling business in Ukraine - not people.

Radical Party leader O. Lyashko said that gambling - is evil. In addition, he admitted that he  had problems with gambling addiction, so now is categorically against the legalization of gambling business in Ukraine.

Source: UNN