Finance Ministry wants to finalize the draft law on gambling in Ukraine

 KIEV. 12 February. UNN. The next meeting of the Committee on Taxation and customs policy will take a decision on the revision of the government bill to legalize gambling business in Ukraine.

In particular, the Committee will be meeting discussed the establishment of a working group to finalize the draft law "On de-shadowing gambling market and ensure budget revenues in order to fulfill social obligations", sponsored by the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine.

New Gambling Bill is just to launder money says Oleg Soskin

Oleg Soskin

Political scientist and director of "Institute of Society Transformation" Oleg Soskin states that the new Gambling Bill is just a mechanism to launder money:



Draft Law issued

Basic translation of the draft law issued today: 

NB The actual draft contains very particular requirements IE.....per casino - per location with specific needs for staff employed, additional fees per table / slot. PLUS additional requirements relating to nline and bookmaking. The section below is just a precis. A full version will be avilable soon to members of the Association.



• gambling carried out only by the law;

New Draft Law. Government fails to grasp the nettle.

After a chance meeting with Natalie Jariesko on Saturday it would appear a new law backed by the Ministry of Finance will be revealed this Wednesday.

Difficult to find out too much but it looks like casinos only in 5 star hotels - online remains illegal and a suggestion of a single National Lottery. No independent Gambling Commission. 

As feared the Government seem to be running scared and taking the least unpalatable option. 
Illegal gambling will continue to flourish and favour the few.

Ukraine lotteries discussed on Channel 5

Channel 5 recently aired a TV programme highlighting the refusal to renew lottery licenses for MSL and patriot... leaving the way open for the "Ukraine National Lottery" - which is private, not owned by the State. Here is a transcript in English:


Where one fights to the end, others flourish: how Ukrainian sanctions work

(TV programme, airing on 5th Channel on 22 Nov. 2015)