Our Charter

  1. The Ukraine Gaming Association (UGA) is a non-profit organisation that represents the interests of individuals and companies involved in the gaming industry both locally and worldwide who share the following common goals:
    • The creation of a fair, transparent gaming industry in Ukraine to International standards
    • The promotion of gaming in Ukraine as a form of legal entertainment - open to all and fair to its consumers
  2. The UGA aims to meet these goals through:
    • Consultation with its membership
    • Representation at Government level to advocate a fair and responsible gaming business
    • Promoting the work of the Association to the public
    • A commitment to responsible gaming
    • The promotion of gaming treatment programs for problem gamblers
  3. To fulfill its aims, the UGA will organise a conference on gambling and policy issues every year. The UGA may also organise intermediary events.
  4. Membership of the UGA is open to:
    • Students, academics and researchers
    • Representatives from regulatory bodies
    • Representatives from the gaming industry
  5. Members benefit in a number of ways including:
    • Discounted fees for the annual conference and intermediate events
    • Representation abroad where the UGA is an exhibitor / invited speaker
    • Information by the UGA on the progress of legislation to regulate gambling in Ukraine plus any amendments and technical requirements
    • Representation at Governmental level for consultation on changes in the legislation / technical requirements
  6. Members pay an annual fee depending on whether they are corporate or individual members payable January 1st each year
  7. The financial administration of the UGA is run on a non-profit basis and is a legal entity under Ukrainian law